Split Croatia! Our 2018 Trip to Europe

Split is the second largest city in Croatia, about 200,000 population. The big attraction in Split is Diocletian’s Palace which was built for the Roman Emperor in AD 305. Now that is history  for you! Imagine climbing around walkways, stairs and streets that were there 1700 years ago! In fact the city was founded in the 3rd or 2nd century BC by the Greeks. Split was ruled by Venice in the 1700-1797 period, but Napoleon ended that! Such amazing history and puts our civilization in such realism!


View From Bruno’s Balcony in Split, Croatia

Today the Port of Split is the third busiest port in the Mediterranean. It is also a major cruise ship destination which is becoming a problem or places like Croatia and Venice! Too, too many people the one time for these small places! The residents will tell you that they love the economic spin offs and the trade but are unable to take the large numbers of people that invade their small towns with the big cruise ships. Yet they will all tell you that they need the money that is generated from this tourism. They are very happy when the tourists go home and they get their towns back and can relax! But they are always very friendly and nice no matte what we have seen on our travels, even if they are a little overwhelmed!

Heading Down From our apartment to the Split Boardwalk! 

We had two full days to explore Split. We were tired from the night before getting to Split but we got up relatively early for us around 10:30 AM and we enjoyed our coffee (no tea for me this morning) on Bruno’s patio deck overlooking the adjacent rooftops of Split. The church bells were ringing out loudly and the morning seemed quite appropriate with the magic of the church bells. It was a totally different vibe than Mokosica. You could see the mountains in the distance. There was no morning or afternoon  sun on this patio which was a disappointment. There were also a few showers around but this cleared out by early afternoon!

Split such a Beautiful Waterfront! So Pedestrian Friendly!

I was intrigued looking down below from the patio at how the people lived in Split. As we were up quite high actually in the highest apartment in our building, I could see that the open space below was quite small. I could see some children running up and down the  narrow alleyway between the buildings and another child jumping on a trampoline in a small open space below. there was also an old man chopping fire wood and a lot of firewood which he was stacking next to his house. the clotheslines were full off the patios  and even in the rain the clothes stayed out. It was so interesting to see how people made use of such small places. Where we are from there is lots of open space around your homes and lots of places outside for your clotheslines and play toys! People adapt wherever they live!

One of the Old Churches of Split!

Anyway after breakfast, out onto the streets of Split we went. We were right in the middle of it all with a short walk down the alley to the waterfront of Split Harbour! The harbour is highlighted by a splendid promenade, pedestrians only and lined beautifully with abundant palm trees! The promenade is also lined with many restaurants, shops, banks, office space, boat tours, bakeries, tourist stalls and of course commercial activities! On the Harbourside there are lots of seating areas and benches under the palm trees. There are also many ships and watercraft in the harbour and marina areas. Split is the jumping off point for ships going in all directions, to the islands, up and down the coast and even over to Venice across the Dalmatian Sea. A really marvellous place to watch the comings and goings of sea craft!

Another View of the Streets of Split near the Boardwalk!

The weather was beautiful by afternoon. We were interested in checking out the palace built for the Roman Emperor Diocletian. The term palace is very misleading because what is left resembles a large fortress. While there ancient walls and walkways, today many people live within the walls, as well as businesses, restaurants and shops! All dedicated to tourism! So the Roman Palace of Diocletian in Split  is still alive with people trying to make a living! It still remains as the world’s most complete Roman Palace, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Roman Palace of Diocletian. A Spilt Heritage Site!

After roaming the streets and the palace we decided to have a late lunch at a restaurant on the Promenade. We had a couple of nice sandwiches and a Hubby had a beer. I on the other hand had wine and had a second glass. We sat looking at the beautiful oceanfront and watching the ships move in and out of Split and this prompted me to have the second glass of wine. I took my time savouring in the beautiful expanse of the coast and what Split had to offer! It really a beautiful port of call! Lunch cost us 120 Kunas! We were getting low on Kunas and we had to find a street bank machine to get some more money. Many of the merchants don’t take credit cards like I mentioned earlier. We were able to find an English Bank Machine and we were able to get what we wanted!

Inside the Walls of  the Palace of Diocletian, Split!

After getting our money we needed to do a bit more exploring inside the palace walls and we checked out a few souvenir shops! I needed to get some T-shirts for my grandchildren and relatives back home! They love to get T-shirts as they don’t travel much and I always pick out the bright colours that they love! We found several places to buy the T-shirts that I wanted but we decided to hold off until tomorrow. You never know when you can spot the same item for a lower price at some other shop!

Where We Had Lunch. You can see that People live over the Shops in Split!

We had a nice walk along the Split Promenade around 5:00 PM checking out a few places for dinner. We were back to the apartment by 6:00 PM for a Gin and Tonic on Bruno’s patio deck. It was so very interesting to view the activities of the neighbours from our roof top! Another slice of Croatian life!

Heading Out for Dinner! What a Great Full Day in Split, Croatia!

For dinner we walked down the alley towards the harbour and dropped into Fabrique  which looked like a nice restaurant. there was seating outside, with a large indoor bar area and lots of tables inside too. The food was pretty good! We ordered the grilled meat platters which were their speciality and along with a glass of wine each our dinner only cost 200 Kunas. Very reasonable we thought! There were lots of tourists walking the alleyway next to our table.

Dinner on the Terrace!

They seemed to be mostly people from the UK. After a little stroll down to the harbour to see the lights and take in the nice warm night breeze we headed back to our apartment for a good nights sleep as we had another very busy day tomorrow!





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