Mokosica, Croatia Happy Anniversary To Us! Our 2018 Trip to Europe

It was Day 4 of our Croatian Adventure and it was nice to do nothing but soak up the sun, swim in the beautiful pool, and have dinner in Mokosica. Daniela recommended a place about 30 minutes walk from our apartment which was just about nice for a warm evening walk. Daniela was down to the apartment mid-morning with some fresh strawberries picked from her garden! What an amazing hostess Daniela is! Fresh strawberries in early May, what a beautiful climate!

Mokosica In All Its Glory! Beautiful

Early evening, we walked down the main road to Rosa Bianca, Bistro and Pizzeria. The restaurant is on the main floor of a guest house. The pizzas are made from scratch and are baked in stone hearth ovens. Lots of other items on the menu too, including seafood. We were in the mood for pizza and we ordered a large pizza to share, and a plate of mussels for Hubby to enjoy as well. It was a lovely dinner and reasonably priced at 250 Kunas. It was a really nice evening for a stroll back to the apartment and enjoy our patio with the magnificent view again! The stairs were not an issue this night! We were prepared and well relaxed!

Rosa Bianca Bistro and Pizzeria

Our Anniversary Day-May 13th

The weather during our stay in Dubrovnik was delightful, in that sweet spot between 22C and 26C, always sunny and with a nice breeze and low humidity too! It was another nice morning on the patio and around the pool. We were getting a nice tan too! Ibiza showed up mid afternoon with a suggested itinerary for our evening. Starting early evening around 6:00, he was suggesting he take us to SRD Mountain which overlooks the City of Dubrovnik. He would take us to see the War Museum which was also on SRD Mountain. After our stop and tour of the museum, we would follow-up with dinner at a restaurant on top of the mountain! This sounded very good to us! Ibiza guaranteed that we would not be disappointed!

View From Our Apartment in Mokosica, Croatia

As promised Ibiza picked us up at 6:00 PM. It was a 20 minute drive up a very winding road which in some places could only take one vehicle. The drive up to the SRD Mountain was amazing with spectacular scenery. The mountain is only 1350 feet high and is located just behind the walled city. At the top of the mountain there is Fort Imperijal which was built from 1806-1816 during the Napoleonic Wars. From the Fort you can look directly down on the walled City of Dubrovnik. What a View!

Hubby at Fort Imperijal 

During the War of Independence, a fierce battle took place on the mountain, namely the Siege of Dubrovnik. The Fort was captured by the Yugoslav Peoples Army (JNA) in October of 1991 and bombardment of Dubrovnik below soon commenced! The bombardment was met by universal world wide condemnation. Eventually in May of 1992 the JNA were beaten back and they retreated off the mountain!

Inside Fort Imperijal! Awesome Museum! Really Tells the Story of the War!

There is a museum now in the Fort which commemorates the war complete with displays, photos, artifacts, including disarmed bombs! The Croatian Army suffered 194 casualties, and over 80 civilians were killed. While somber and sobering, the museum and the mountain were quite interesting! You have to pay a small sum of 15 Kunas each to enter the museum which goes to keep it up and pay the staff!

More Historical Relics of the War!

After we had finished with the museum, Ibiza drove us down to the Panorama Restaurant where he had arranged a table for us. On our arrival the waiter immediately took us to a great table (I suspect one of the best in the house thanks to Ibiza) which was situated at the very edge overlooking the lights of the old City of Dubrovnik below! We were served Proseco with floating frozen strawberries each as a starter! What a glorious way to celebrate our 35th Wedding Anniversary! I was overwhelmed and quite taken aback! I had never celebrated an anniversary like this before! It will be one to remember! Thank You Ibiza and Daniela!

Views From the Panorama Restaurant SRD Mountain

For dinner we had a delicious tomato soup to start, which was much needed now as the fog started to take over the mountain. The server bought us wooly blankets to put around our knees and bodies! We really didn’t care though because the scenery was so spectacular and we were warm from the Proseco and wine! Hubby ordered a grilled large pork chop, and I had a lamb shank dish. The sides were delicious with bacon, onion, and potato frites, and there was an amazing sauce or gravy which was outstanding! It was an exceptional meal and with a couple of glasses of Chardonnay and a special cheesecake dessert with Happy Anniversary on it, as well as a Baileys for Hubby and and a Brandy for me, we couldn’t ask for a better place to have spent our 35th wedding anniversary!

Panorama Restaurant! One of a Kind Restaurant

Dining at the Panorama Restaurant is like you are floating between the Blue Sea and the Blue Sky, a direct quote from their website! We would have to agree without hesitation, as this was one of our all time great anniversary dinners, and the bill was only 675 Kunas!

Happy Anniversary to Us in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Ibiza drove us back to our apartment on the beautiful hills of Mokosica. We agreed that he would pick us up the next day early afternoon to drive us  to the Dubrovnik Port so we could pick up a Hovercraft that we had previously booked online to take us up to the City of Split, Croatia. We had booked three nights at an Air BNB. This would be another new adventure!

MK Looking So Happy! One of the Best Anniversaries Ever!

It was a lovely evening on the patio again. another great day in this beautiful place. The 35th Anniversary Day and Night had been a really special time for us and we  were so blessed to have spent it in Mokosica and Dubrovnik, Croatia! This was a trip for the memory book for sure thanks to Daniela and Ibiza! Thank You Mokosica! Until We Meet Again!

Dubrovnik and Mokosica Croatia! A Trip to Remember!



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