Albufeira: Had to Go To Portugal for a Root Canal!

Day 6:

No big breakfast this day as I had a difficult night with the throbbing pain in my tooth. The dental appointment was at 11:00 AM. So we caught a cab down to the clinic. After a short wait I was seen to and yes a Root Canal was required to solve the problem. Imagine visiting a foreign country and needing a Root Canal procedure! I was certainly unprepared for this for sure! However, the lady Dentist was very professional and she spoke perfect English. The procedure that day was to remove the filling, dig out the roots that were causing the infection and a wait of two days to then make sure the infection was gone and to ensure that any remaining roots were also taken out. The procedure was quite long and my Lady Dentist and I were both exhausted. It took her the whole morning to make sure she got all of the infection. She temporarily left my tooth unfilled and I had to pick up some pain killers and antiseptic mouthwash on our way back. I wasn’t interested in lunch but we took the long road up to the Shopping Centre where I got a prescription filled for pain relief. I must say that it was like a Walmart return line trying to get the medications and the pain killers were in the form of a powder, not a pill and I didn’t find them very effective! We found a small Bistro which had outside tables in the warm sun and so we had a couple of beers and I just vegetated with my throbbing mouth until we caught a cab back to the condo! I spent most of the afternoon napping on the couch trying to catch up on lost sleep from the night before!

Shopping Area in Albufeira

Around 5:00 PM I was ready to go again. We spent a lovely late afternoon on the patio which was sunny as usual at 25C and light breeze. The weather was fantastic. For dinner, I didn’t want to eat anything requiring a lot of chewing. We decided on an Indian Restaurant which we had seen on our walks over to The Strip called the Clay Oven Indian Kitchen. So we walked down the hill over to the restaurant, a 15 minute walk. This place had a reputation for line-ups but we got there around 8:00PM  and in about 5 minute wait we were in. Hubby had the lamb curry and I had the chicken curry, both served with Naan Bread. It was just outstanding food, tender (good for me) and so very flavourful. It was a truly outstanding dinner, with wine dinner cost 35 Euros including tip. This was the highest ranking restaurant of our visit at #22 on Trip Advisor. We both agreed that it could have been ranked higher. If you are ever in Albufeira, you just have to eat here! We will be back for sure!!

The Clay Oven Indian Kitchen, Albufeira

We had a lovely walk and we dropped into the Pingo Doce for a few items we were short on and then trudged up the hill again. It was starting to get easier though. We hung out on the patio for a while just looking at the lights of the Old Town in the distance. We just loved the warm evenings in Portugal. A rarity in Newfoundland!!

Pingo Doce Supermarket: Albufeira

Day 7:

Sort of a waiting day in advance of the Root Canal Part 2 scheduled for Thursday. We hung out at the condo all day and had a dip in the pool which was very nice. The condo complex has a fair sized pool, good depth for swimming in the deep part. This area also has a nicely equipped games room with pool tables, a ping pong table, darts, video games etc. We were impressed!

Views From Our Condo at Solario De Sao Jose: Albufeira

For dinner we checked out a highly recommended restaurant in Old Town at oceanfront, Cabana Fresca. We took the train down to Old Town. It was a very lovely evening, again around 25 C and still sunny at 8:00 PM. The food was great here! We expected it to be a busy place and perhaps have a wait of 15  t0 20 minutes to get a table. But no worries, as it is a beautiful venue to wait and admire the beach, ocean and surrounding hillsides. We had a 10 minute wait and it was a pleasure to get a table very close to the outside of the restaurant where you could clearly see the ocean and the people walking the beach and the walkways!

Old Streets of Albufeira!

We started with a creme a pescador which is a fish soup with a tomato base and it was very good! For the main, we had the Chateau Briand for two, cooked medium and served with a port wine and pepper sauce. You can have your choice of sauces with this dish. By far, we would both have to say it was the best Chateau Briand we have ever tasted and it came with some very tasty sides as well. Our dessert Flaming Pastis was a speciality. It was a chocolate baked cake with sparklers frizzling on top of the cake as it was served! As the night wore on Sparkling Pastis was being served throughout the open air courtyard. An amazing sight after a couple of glasses of wine. A really outstanding dinner for about 60 Euros (about $100.00 Canadian). This would have been a pricy dinner back home but you would never eat as well as we did tonight! We really recommend this place for a great dinner and night out in Albufeira! 

Dinner at Cabana Fresca: Albufeira

We walked around Old Town for about an hour or so. There are lots of boutiques, restaurants, bars, and small shops all around and up and down the old cobbled streets and alleys, with lots of entertainment.  Old Town is a great place to walk about after dinner, especially on a blessed night like this one! There are numerous street entertainers who put off little shows in the common squares, all sorts of entertainers from mimes, puppeteers, musicians, dancers and tricksters with animals! A very vibrant nightlife with lots of open air bars to drop in on for live entertainment. Old Town is really spectacular, very enjoyable each night we went down there!

Buskers, Restaurants, Bars & The Cab Rack: Albufeira Has it All!

Old Town has a very convenient cab rack at the main square with cabs lining up as many as 20 deep to pick up fares. Its very well organized, with customers lining up behind the bar and once a cab is filled, another pulls up. We had about a 15 minute wait for our cab, as it was a really busy Wednesday night, but it was very orderly. I noticed that these cabs also provide for handicapped individuals and if they couldn’t accommodate you, a cab that could would be called. Our fare back to the condo was less than 10 Euros. No problem communicating with the cabbies, always very courteous and the cabs are clean and modern!!

Small Back Streets of Old Town Albufeira!

Home now for the night! Tomorrow I would suffer through yet another go at the tooth from hell.

Day 8:

Today was the  Root Canal Part 2. My appointment was for 11:00 AM. We ordered up a cab down to Dr. Cris Piessens’ Dental Clinic. Root Canal Part 2 was a two hour experience from hell, not one of my favourite life experiences. After another two hours in the chair with multiple x-rays and poking, prodding and digging, my exhausted Lady Dentist and her exhausted patient were relieved that it was finally over. She temporarily filled my tooth so I could enjoy the rest of my holiday in Europe but she told me that I would need a permament filling once I returned to Canada. The procedure cost another 200 Euros but I was able to claim the expenditure against my Dental Insurance, but I did not know this at the time. Its important that you have a credit card that can be used in Europe if a medical emergency comes up. My credit card company covered the dental procedures, however when I returned home there were multiple messages from my credit card company to contact them immediately as they suspected credit card fraud, which wasn’t the case of course! Good to know though that they have your back!

Downtown Albuferia!

Anyway Hubby had waited faithfully and looked quite concerned when I was returned to the main lobby of the dental office. I was a little groggy from all the time in the chair and once we escaped the clinic, I actually just wanted to walk back to the condo in the glorious  sunshine. It was a 45 minute walk though, however the weather wasn’t too hot, about 22C with a few clouds, just perfect for walking!

Downtown Albuferia & Hubby and I after the Root Canal!

We stopped off at a hotel sidewalk bar for a couple of cold beers on the way back. It was a perfect place to people watch and to take in the sights around the downtown area of Albufeira. It was mid afternoon before we got back to the condo. I didn’t do much for the rest of the day as quite frankly I was so tired from the Root Canal, my energy levels were zapped! So we hung out at the condo for much of the rest of the day, sunning on the balcony and having a few Gin and Tonics to drown the pain. I was definitely feeling no pain by the time it was to go out and get some food at the Costa Rica Restaurant where we ate the previous Sunday. A small walk to the Strip and another great meal at the Costa Rica! We headed back and when I hit the pillow, I don’t think it was much before 11:00 AM the next morning before I stirred.

Dinner at Costa Rica: Albufeira!

Just wanted to put this Day behind me!




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