• Portugal : Albufeira Has Some Great Restaurants!

    January 8, 2018
  • Day 4: Albufeira

    We decided to chill this day and we had enough supplies for breakfast and lunch. We sat around and enjoyed the patio most of the day. For dinner we decided on a place on the Strip, an easy walking distance despite the hill. Still 24C and sunny as we ventured out. Beautiful weather for sure. With a little difficulty we found the restaurant Sunset on the Strip however it was not open. It looked like it had been closed for quite sometime, so Trip Advisor should update their site to reflect closed restaurants! So we walked back up the Strip, not being optimistic after our previous experience a couple of nights ago, but we got lucky! We noticed the Costa Rica Restaurant. The menu was posted outside and it looked interesting enough, so we gave it a try!

    Rooftop Views From Solario De Sao Jose Condo Complex, Albufeira

    We were not disappointed at all. A great meal! Hubby mentioned it was Mother’s Day and the Portuguese waiters were somewhat amused. I don’t know if they celebrate Mother’s Day in Portugal, I suspect not! I ordered Chicken Cordon Bleu with a potato onion bacon side and it was delicious! Hubby got to have mussels in garlic lemon sauce. He just loves mussels. He really enjoyed the starter. He also ordered the monkfish in lemon butter sauce with a nice side salad. He really loved this dish as well. Overall one of the best meals we had in Albufeira  for less than 40 Euros, tax and tip included with a couple of glasses of white wine. We went back again a few nights later, this time I had the monkfish. Hubby had his mussels again with some grilled pork back ribs, which included Portuguese fries. A great meal again for approximately the same price as before. This restaurant checked in at #164 on Trip Advisor but we would rank it much higher! No need for a cab back to the condo, only 15 minutes walk and the opportunity to pick up a few more supplies before heading up the cursed hill.

    Dinner at the Costa Rica Restaurant on The Strip, Albufeira!

    Day 5: Portugal

    A Monday and another beautiful day again. We were really on a roll with the weather here in Portugal. We hung out again at the condo all day enjoying the fine weather on the patio. I had some laundry to attend to after 6 days on the road. I was also starting to notice more the troubling pain in my jaw. I had first noticed it on the way down to Portugal on the plane ride. I had attributed the pain to a minor gum infection and as I had some antibiotics I started to take them to see if this would ease the pain. However, by mid afternoon it was so bad that I had to book an appointment with a local dentist to have it checked out. Algarve Getaways had a recommended dentist in the condo information material, so I called the number and amazingly got an appointment for the next morning at Dr. Chris Piessens Dental Clinic. We checked out their reputation on the Internet, and all of the experiences posted by past patients were positive. I managed to try and numb the pain by taking Aleve to see if it would settle down the agonizing pain I as in!

    MK and Laundry Chores & A View From the Patio Deck in Albufeira!

    That evening we caught a cab down and back from Old Town at Oceanfront. So many great restaurants to choose from. Virtually all of them have their sidewalk hawkers trying to convince you to try their restaurant. We decided on Mexican this night, the La Cantina Restaurant in Old Town just up from the beachfront area. The food was good and cheap. Hubby had a Chicken Fajita  and I had a Burrito. It was a bit of a laugh with the Sombreros supplied table side. Dessert was the highlight of this night with a lemon taco cheesecake, a treat to die for, so really, really good!!! Dinner cost 30 Euros, tax, tip and wine included. Surprisingly this place was ranked very poorly on Trip Advisor at #706! Go figure!!

    Dinner at La Cantina Restaurant in Old Town, Albufeira!

    As usual we did a bit of exploring late night in the Old Town. There are lots of interesting things on the go. Most of the bars and nightclubs are open air with the entertainers performing right on the cobbled stone streets as you walk by. Very entertaining  with lots to do late night in Old Town! All of the shops are open late as well. We were able to catch a cab back to the condo quite far up in the hills. So we didn’t have to deal with the hill this day. Back to the condo, no problem and 5 Euros as usual. Tomorrow was big day for me going to a dentist in a foreign country. A bit stressful to say the least! This was not going to be a pleasant night for me!

    Exploring the Streets of Old Town Albufeira!