• Albufeira Portugal: Exploring Old Town and The Strip!

    December 26, 2017
  • Albufeira Day 2:

    This day was our Anniversary and we had some special visitors. Our daughter and husband were in Portugal also. They had been staying in Lagos which is located  just to the west of where were were staying. They had arrived a few days before us to Portugal and were on their way back to meet their friends in Lisbon for a weekend there. They showed up at our condo around noon. We enjoyed the patio for a few hours and then we set off to show them the town since we had all of 36 hours with them to show them around Albufeira!

    Introducing Old Town to our Daughter & Son-in-Law

    We headed down over the hill again and walked over to catch the Tourist Train. As we neared the oceanfront we could see that our daughter and husband were  impressed with their first sight of the beaches, Old Town below and the amazing sight of all those white facade houses rising up the steep hills surrounding the harbour. Spectacular views and the weather was spectacular too, 24 C and sunny with a light breeze!

    Strolling the Streets of Old Town

    We spent the afternoon exploring the narrow cobbled streets of Old Town, its restaurants, shops and pubs. I was amazed at the old streets and the Tunnel that went down to the beach below. An amazing place for sure. We bought some nice souvenirs to bring home. We dropped into a couple of places for some cold beers. Lots of drunken Brits and Irish around in the pubs of Old Town. A friend of mine calls Albufeira the British Capitol of Portugal. Some truth in that for sure!!!

    We Made the Day of it in Old Town with the Youngins!

    For dinner we caught the Tourist Train up to the “Strip”. The “Strip” is a long narrow street of bars, pubs and restaurants. It was Hubby and my wedding anniversary so we were looking for a nice place for dinner. To our chagrin we chose Ancona Top Deck Restaurant for dinner. Hubby and son-in-law ordered the American hamburger at 11:50 Euros each. The hamburgers were poor, dry, tasteless with two slabs of undercooked bacon. My salmon was ok and daughter’s chicken fajitas were not too bad. Our son-in-law says as he picked up the tab, “sorry for the terrible anniversary dinner.” We discovered after that this restaurant was ranked 710 out of 723 in Albufeira! Enough said about this place!

    Taking in the Streets & Alleyways of The Strip!

    We hiked up the hill to the condo, stopped into the grocery store on the way, after all if you were going to climb the hill again might as well pick up a few supplies especially with the young ones along to help bring back the load. Anyways we had a great day with the young ones. After we got back we sat out on the patio deck for a nightcap. Our daughter and son-in-law had to catch a train the next day to Lisbon to meet some friends who were flying over for a rendezvous that evening. The condo had a nice pull out bed, so all was well for the night! We kissed them goodnight and hoped we all would get a good nights sleep.


    Daughter Walking the Beach in Old Town & Exploring the Old Narrow Streets of Albufeira!

    Time to Chill For the Night!

    Albufeira Day 3:

    We cooked up a nice breakfast for all the next morning. Another lovely day in Portugal, 25 C and sunny, nice breeze and very low humidity. After breakfast and getting started for the day, we hung out together on the patio until it was time for the young ones to catch a cab to the train station. Cabs are readily available in Albufeira, cheap and very clean. The drivers all speak English and are courteous and friendly and some are friendly enough to give you instructions on what to do and what to see! Our daughter and her husband packed up their belongings and it was a tearful but happy goodbye, as we knew that they were on to meeting their friends in Lisbon for a new adventure. Their travel plans included, Lisbon, Amsterdam and Prague. Me thinks our daughter inherited our love of travel and visiting new places and cultures! This travel bug has also rubbed off on our son-in-law as this is now their second visit to Europe! We kissed them goodbye and waved to them as they got into the cab for the train station!

    Old Town: An Experience for Us All!

    For dinner that evening we caught a cab downtown, only 5 Euros one way to Old Town and we didn’t have to walk down the hill much to Hubby’s happiness! We randomly picked a restaurant called Flavours, beautifully located seaside overlooking the ocean. A nice warm night, great for dinner outdoors. We had a seafood soup for a starter which we shared and it was pretty good. Hubby ordered the Lasagne and me the Spaghetti Carbonara. The food was mediocre. With a few glasses of red wine dinner cost 33 Euros including tip. Flavours checked in at #89 on the Trip Advisor rating of restaurants in Albufeira.

    Getting A Cab at the Rack & Shopping in Old Town!

    We caught a cab back to the condo for another 5 Euros. There is convenient cab rack in Old Town where the cabs line up to pick up fares from Old Town throughout Albufeira. We encountered two such cab racks while we were there. This made going out on the town in the evenings cheap and convenient. One of the great things we liked about Albufeira!

    Dinner at Flavours in Old Town!