• The Ultimate Road Trip: Day 6-Thursday to Day 20: Our Time In Barrie

    June 1, 2011
  • Barrie was Wonderful!

    We spent two wonderful weeks of quality time in Barrie, Ontario with our little grandson, and part of the time with our daughter and her husband. They went on their much needed vacation down south to Cuba for six sunny days. We stayed another week after they returned home as the other Grandparents who watch the little guy on a part-time basis were not available to look after the little fellow. The other Grandparents timed it such that they would also be down south in Florida when we were available. Everyone got a much needed break!

    Barrie Lakefront
    As you can all appreciate looking after a sixteen month old little boy who can run from one end of the house to the other, musters all the strength you can manage especially for us older people! It was so very nice to spend this time with them and by the time we left Barrie, the little guy knew us as Poppy and Nanny. Mission accomplished! I cry and laugh when I hear him recognize us now on the telephone.
    The Little Man

    As far as eating out is concerned we didn’t really go anywhere different from the restaurants we visited while in Barrie earlier on our last visit in January and February which I covered in a previous blog.

    Hubby in Front of Condos: Barrie Waterfront

    We did go to Kelsey’s on Bayfield Street with the little man for lunch. His chicken strips were really good and we enjoyed their nachos! We relished the time we spent with the little man just hanging around the house, playing with him, taking him outside in the garden to play in his rubber boots and the water pail (its the Newfie in me) and to the many parks and playgrounds that Barrie has to offer! Barrie is certainly a very family oriented town!

    Date Posted: June 2011