• The Ultimate Road Trip: Barrie Back to Newfoundland Day 22: Toronto to Montreal

    June 1, 2011
  • The Ultimate Road Trip: Barrie Back to Newfoundland Day 22: Toronto to MontrealDay 22 was a milestone day! After 21 days on the road we were finally heading home to the Rock! Saturday morning in Toronto we headed east on Queen Street to the Don Valley Parkway and then north to Highway 401. Queen Street East on a Saturday morning is a pretty deserted place and it looked like we were in for rain! We had no trouble finding the turn off from Queen Street East to the Don Valley Parkway North. As usual in the GTA traffic was bumper to bumper. We navigated our way onto Highway 401 east to Montreal successfully – no problem we were on a roll! As we headed east the weather deteriorated quite quickly. By the time we reached Kingston, it was raining pretty heavily. Lunch at the rest stop there, this time the luck of the draw was Wendys and Shell Gas Station. What a combo! After lunch it was my turn to drive and I got the worst of it! All the way to Montreal it rained pretty heavily, as we say in Newfoundland “it came down in buckets!” Needless to say it was not an enjoyable drive at all. The weather on a road trip is a real wild card and can be a problem in Central and Eastern Canada in May. Another road trip hazard!

    Church in Downtown Montreal

    We navigated our way into Montreal Downtown no problem. Our www.Hotwire.com booking was the Sheraton Centre Ville again, the same as on the way up. It sure was great to get into the room and off the road and relax for a while. For dinner Saturday night we chose Thursdays on Rue de la Montagne as we had many good dining experiences there over the last 20 years. The place was hopping on a Saturday night and even then we had little difficulty finding a table. We usually ordered Rack of Lamb when we have eaten there in the past but that night we ordered a Leg of Lamb. The prices for lamb especially Rack of Lamb are quite expensive and from the menu ordering a leg of lamb was a cheaper alternative. The problem with the Leg of Lamb is that it had to be cooked from scratch which took over an hour. However, with appetizers, and the great atmosphere there, friendly service and a nice bottle of wine (the Sheraton is just a walk around the corner) it didn’t seem that long. The lamb arrived (a whole leg), they carved it at the table, very tasty but really too much food for two of us (actually I felt guilty that we should have somehow saved it for another meal, but the room with nowhere to store it would have been a disaster the next morning, I just hate to waste food). Also there were no potatoes or vegetables served with the lamb, just a very hearty crock of beans which I didn’t really like (too many beans)! The dinner was quite pricy at over $138.00 with a tip, and my rating would be fair only! Ah, C’est la Vie as the French say!

    Nickels Restaurant Downtown Montreal

    This time in Montreal, no hockey, no Les Canadiens Jerseys. Just a rainy Saturday night! The room beckoned after a long day on the road. Funny when we were much younger in Montreal the dinner was only the first activity for a night on the town!

    Date Posted: June 2011