• The Ultimate Road Trip Newfoundland to Barrie, Ontario: Day 4-Tuesday

    May 1, 2011
  • We had a great night at the Best Western in Edmunston. Breakfast was included in the room price, again a bonus for the price so we took advantage of it. The usual Hotel breakfast with eggs, bacon, cereal, toast, juices, tea, coffee etc. But you need to get up early to take advantage of it.

    Spring in st. John’s, NL before we left

    The Internet/Wi-Fi is free also at the Best Western in Edmunston. We had to set our clock because we are retired and we tend to get up a little later now! After breakfast we went for a morning walk. The weather was a bit cool, around 10C but really nice. Edmunston is a bustling industrial town. A large paper mill, and a a large campus of the University of New Brunswick which we walked down the hill to see. We took some pictures and the views of Edmunstown were fabulous. As I mentioned ealier Edmunston is very French and very friendly. We thought that we were already in Quebec!

    We booked our Montreal hotel room on www.Hotwire.com  before we checked out of Edmunston. The Netbook was again proving to be a very valuable travel tool. We got the Sheraton Centre Ville in Montreal for a little over $100.00 per night, but they ding you on the parking and the Internet/Wi-Fi.

    We got on the road around 11:30AM after gassing up again because we were unsure where the next gas station might be before we hit Montreal. The TCH in Quebec doesn’t go through many large towns as Hubby had done some research before we left. The TCH north of Edmunston up to the Quebec border really deteriorates. There is a lot of road construction going on near the Quebec/New Brunswick Border, so it was slow, very slow going on the way up to Riviere De Loup. After Riviere De Loup the road improves “somewhat”. We had lunch at a rest stop just across the St. Lawrence River from Quebec City. There was no restaurant open there this time of year so we finished off our cold left over pizza from the night before and a tin of vienna sausages that were in the cooler. It didn’t taste that bad with a few sips of wine from the cooler, another advantage of providing your own transportation. As I mentioned earlier the bathrooms are open in the Rest Stops in Quebeca and there are some vending machines available outside the bathrooms!

    St. John’s Harbour on an early Spring Day in March

    The TCH from Quebec City into Montreal was very busy. At this point we noticed a lot of transport trucks on the highway. It seems like they were coming from everywhere! At times 80% of the traffic going the other way was made up of transport trucks. This was the case from Montreal down to Toronto as well. The weather deteriorated into the afternoon and as we got closer to Montreal it was raining pretty heavily. We didn’t have too much trouble  finding our way downtown. The Map Quest road directions that Hubby had downloaded were pretty helpful and with Nascar MK driving we got there no problem.

    View from our Room: The Sheraton Centre Montreal

    We hit the Sheraton Centre Montreal around 6:00PM and we took advantage of the Valet Parking for its convenience  and the rain(not its cost) and the assistance in getting everything up to the room, cooler included. The valet parking for one night was $31.00 (tax included). The Internet/Wi-Fi is also costly at about $17.00 per night (tax included).

    The hotel room was typical Sheraton, well appointed, a nice queen size bed, nice bathroom with lots of towels. We always appreciate the towels especially for the much needed showers after the long drives. Our hotel room was on the 32nd floor, and we had a great view of the Molson Centre where Game 6 of the Monteal-Boston series was taking place. The crowds were already starting to gather. They looked like ants down there.

    Night View of the Molson Centre Montreal

    On the streets of Montreal, Canadiens Jerseys were everywhere. What an atmosphere-it was electric! Hubby was lapping it up big time! After getting cleaned up we decided to check out the Keg at Place Ville Marie. It was crowded but not ever as crowded as the Keg  at York Street in Toronto, as I informed the Manager on duty. She was not impressed and actually professed not to be aware of that particular Keg in Toronto. Given that there are over 100 Keg Restaurants in Canada and the USA, she may not have been aware of this particular Keg in Toronto. I found this Keg to be a lovely restaurant atmosphere wise but the steaks were not cooked as good as the ones I’ve had in Old Montreal or in Toronto. Something lacked in the taste of the steaks! After dinner we walked back in the rain to the room to catch the rest of the hockey game on TV. Thank God Montreal won to force a seventh game. Hubby would not have made a good travel companion the next day otherwise. Alas the Habs lost in Game 7! Two nights later!


    Date Posted: May 2011