• The Holiday Killers

  • John Lee Harris and Roy Wade Boone came from two very different worlds! However, their worlds come together when they meet at the Red Mountain Detention Centre, a correctional centre for young men who have committed serious crimes, in their cases murder!! They learn to trust one another and upon their release, they set out to become contributing members of society! Things change when they go on a drinking binge and have to cover up an accidental murder!!

    They get a thirst for the excitement of killing and are aroused by the thrill of the hunt for victims! Products of seriously dysfunctional relationships, this sexual mystery thriller documents the twisted appetites of two serial killers who terrorize Maine, USA! An added twist is that they are drawn to kill on or around popular holidays. The State Police and the FBI are at a loss as to how to stop this rampage of murder and horror! The ending will shock you!!

  • Reviews

  • A must read! This book doesnt waste any time getting into the story line. It keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end! The ending is sure to suprise and leaving you wanting more. I defnitly reccomend this book to anyone who likes mystery and suspense. 5 out of 5 stars.

    Shenzy - Amazon.ca

  • What a good read! Unknown author!! Fantastic imagination!! Not a big read. Outstanding plane ride duration read! I guarantee your shortest plane ride ever with this book in your carry on bag. I liked the ending, totally unexpected and a sequel for sure coming! I can't wait!!!

    MonkeyMan - Amazon.ca