• Spring, Summer and Fall 2015!

    September 30, 2015
  • Spring 2015:

    We made our annual trip to Florida in April 2015 and really enjoyed our short vacation of two weeks. It did fly by very fast indeed. We visited our old Friend Bernice at her trailer park home in Pasadena and spend a great day with her! We also were lucky enough to have our Grandson and our in-laws visit us for a few days as well. It was a wonderful trip! Can’t wait to go again this year!

    Summer 2015:

    We had decided to downsize during the summer of 2015, to find a smaller home to live in but The Gods would have nothing to do with it! We put our house up For Sale at the end of August and all hell broke loose! The curb stop in the front of the house went just as we had put the For Sale Sign on the front lawn. The City Council had to come and did up our paved driveway and replace the curb stop line which we had to partially pay for even though its their curb stop. We had to then re-pave the driveway. Starting to cost us a lot to move we thought! all this happening while the first showing of our house was taking place. Not a great first start!

    On Labour Day weekend we were to have an Open House on Sunday and on Saturday when I went to put the kettle on I heard water running in the kitchen. Looked everywhere and couldn’t find any water. Went all over the upstairs no water and then I decided to go down to the basement and went to the last step and put my foot on the basement floor and water, water everywhere. I panicked and started yelling to my husband. I discovered that the water was coming from the finished bathroom in the basement. I went in and water was gushing everywhere from under the sink. I opened the cupboard doors and tried to shut off the valves under the sink but the water wouldn’t stop. I just stood there and said to myself what should I do. No way to stop the waterfall.

    I remembered that the shut of valve for the water coming into the house was at the front of the house. I tore over and had to hall off a large slab of wood and finally managed to shut the water of coming into the house! Too late, the damage had been done. The whole front and back of the house had been flooded. The basement was a wipe out and a write-off. I stood in water and just cried. Oh my. Well the insurance had to come in and rip out my entire basement and we lived with a construction crew for about three months! No sale this year!

    Fall 2015:

    If things couldn’t get any worse (and yes they can)! Hubby went into AFIB the weekend after. I almost lost the love of my life and the father of my children which would have been too soon! Hubby calls it, his lost weekend in hospital. So shocking to think that we could have lost him. So now it will be move forward and live like today is our last!

    In October 2015 we were blessed to have our second grandson born to us. Our Daughter had baby boy Sam. We decided to visit Sam and spend Christmas with the new baby and family. What a great time we had. Christmas in Barrie. It was wonderful. we spend Christmas Day with the in-laws and they spent New Years with us! But best of all we got to spend time with new baby Sam and his big brother Dean! Family is what Christmas is all about!

    Looking forward to 2016 for sure! What new things and events in life will it bring!