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  • The Swiss Alps! This Blog from Our 2018 Trip!

    Sorry for being tardy on writing this travel blog from our Europe 2018 trip but its been a rough few years. We were involved in a motor vehicle accident when we visited out daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren in Barrie, Ontario on August 1, 2018 and I have been struggling to finish my travel blogs ever […]

  • Split Croatia: A Day Around the City: Our 2018 Trip to Europe

    We awoke to more showers this AM but they cleared off by early afternoon. We had a wonderful mug up in the kitchen and had our tea and coffee on the covered deck looking out at the mountains! The day turned out to be beautiful at 25 C and sunny. We headed down the alley […]

  • Onto Switzerland: Our 2018 Trip To Europe

    We were up early at 5:00 AM. We both hate these very early  mornings but the EasyJet Switzerland flight would get us into Geneva by 10:00 AM, and it only cost $55.00 Canadian each. So it was worth it. The airport known as Rejnik Airport was about a 45 minute drive from our apartment. View […]

  • Split Croatia! Our 2018 Trip to Europe

    Split is the second largest city in Croatia, about 200,000 population. The big attraction in Split is Diocletian’s Palace which was built for the Roman Emperor in AD 305. Now that is history  for you! Imagine climbing around walkways, stairs and streets that were there 1700 years ago! In fact the city was founded in […]

  • Onto Split, Croatia: A Trip up the Dalmatian Coast: Our 2018 Trip to Europe

    Monday morning was a carbon copy of all our mornings at Daniela’s apartment in Mokosica. As we enjoyed breakfast on the patio we noticed that it was quieter than usual. We realized it because the all purpose basketball/tennis/soccer recreational facility below the hill under our balcony and right on the water was silent. All weekend […]

  • Mokosica, Croatia Happy Anniversary To Us! Our 2018 Trip to Europe

    It was Day 4 of our Croatian Adventure and it was nice to do nothing but soak up the sun, swim in the beautiful pool, and have dinner in Mokosica. Daniela recommended a place about 30 minutes walk from our apartment which was just about nice for a warm evening walk. Daniela was down to […]

  • Dubrovnik Croatia: Our 2018 Trip to Europe

    The Republic of Croatia is a new country, only 27 years old going through a four year war of independence from 1991-1995. You can still see the scars of the war today. Croatia has a population of 4.28 million people, with over 92% of the population being Roman Catholic in faith. Croatia also has a […]

  • Our Croatia Adventure! Our 2018 Trip to Europe

    Dubrovnik Bound! A 12:50 departure at Gatwick required a cab at the door of the Sherlock Holmes Hotel around 9:30 AM. We had figured that we needed to leave early as we had to factor in the time it would take for a cab ride to Victoria Station during somewhat of peak  morning traffic and […]

  • Can’t Resist Europe! Getting to London This Time Not Easy!

    In late January 2018 we had no specific plans to visit Europe again! However, our daughter alerted us to a cheap fare on West Jet to Gatwick London from St. John’s, so we started to look. In early May for around $1000.00 Canadian we could get two return airfares, so definitely worth a second look! […]

  • Venice: Day 2

    Our next day in Venice was a Sunday and it was another beautiful day with 27 C and very sunny! Sunscreen for sure this day and a hat for Hubby! We missed breakfast as usual, sleeping in! With a great night’s sleep in a comfy bed which we had not experienced for six nights, it […]

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