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  • Writing the first book, The Holiday Killers was an adventure and a leap of faith in using my imagination to write a book about a subject that I had limited knowledge from a life perspective! This was my first step into the unknown world of publishing, the internet and the public world! To put yourself out there was a bold move on my part. I was not really sure that I could do it!!! I started The Holiday Killers in the dark when Hurricane Igor struck Newfoundland in September 2010. The main characters John Lee Harris and Roy Wade Boone coming to life by the time the power came back! Both young men came from dysfunctional families and become horrific serial killers who terrorize Maine, USA and kill for the fun of it around holiday times!

    Writing the second book, Legacy of Evil, flowed so easily from the first book and I wasn’t really concerned anymore what the world thought of my writing! I did it because I could!! Dana Elliott’s fate was sealed when she met John Lee Harris and Roy Wade Boone. Her twin children Devon and Darla would never be able to survive their Legacy of Evil!

    The third novel, the Squatters, came to me  when my husband Mark and I visited Nashville, Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge and I saw the beautiful scenery and people of Tennessee.  I could imagine Judas George and Lara Whitey and what it was like to grow up in the Smoky Mountains and sometimes struggle to survive. I remember writing much of The Squatters while we were there. Not knowing how my book would turn out, it was only when we returned home that my husband challenged me to write a book with a happy ending. It was then that The Squatters came alive!!

    My fourth novel Murder at Blackhead was inspired by many conservations I had with my Mother-in-Law who was supposed to attend the Christmas dance at the Knights of Columbus in St. John's Newfoundland on a very cold and wintery night on December 12, 1942. She missed the dance and told me of the horror that St. John's faced when 99  servicemen and women died on that cold December night. Its historical fiction with the fire having been set by the Nazi's to disrupt the supply line between North America and Europe with a murder mystery thrown in.