• About The Author

  • MK Staple knew she would be a writer from an early age. She always had a flare for the dramatic with words, both in writing and speech. She still does to this day with her use of the Newfoundland slang. Everywhere she goes many know she is a Newfie girl! I started writing in my early school days and I wrote some great papers in high school and university which were noticed by my teachers! When I went to work, I found myself again in places where writing was a necessity to advance in my career and it stood me very well! When I retired in 2010 it seemed like a logical progression that I write in my spare time to keep myself engaged and perhaps provide something entertaining for others to read! So this is where I am today!!

    I am married to one absolutely lovely man, Mark who has been my inspiration and cheerleader for my writing and my books. He also likes to write but prefers to support me in my writing efforts. He has added to my writing greatly by editing and providing great enhancement of the material that we put together in our travel blogs! We have travelled extensively in Canada, the United States, the Caribbean and Europe. He provides the nuts and the bolts for the travel blog and I provide the flare! 

    I am a mother, a grandmother, a sister, a daughter and an aunt to many nieces, nephews and great aunt! So life is always a challenge but rewarding! 

    I have loved the fresh ocean air and rugged, scenic surroundings of Newfoundland and Labrador for my entire life! It is with pride that I call Newfoundland and Labrador home! After retirement I wrote and published The Holiday Killers  and the sequel Legacy of Evil. Both novels depict the evil crimes and consequences of seriously deranged men and their children.  My third Novel The Squatters tells the tragic tale of a brother and sister who grow up very poor in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. A catastrophic family tragedy blows their world apart and they are left alone to find their way. They are parted and the Smoky Mountains calls them both home but on different and tragic paths!

    I have now written my fourth novel titled Murder at Blackhead which has just been released in November 2019! Murder at Blackhead is set in St. John's Newfoundland during World War II. It deals with the sabotage of the Knights of Columbus Hall which was a go to hangout for the Canadian, US and British Servicemen when stationed at the various bases in St. John's, Torbay and Argentia! The Germans implant a spy among the locals who succeeds in marrying a local girl Isabel who tragically gets caught up in their plot to interrupt the supply line between North America and Europe! The lives of her family are at stake and she takes on the Nazi's to try and keep them alive!


    MK Staple’s Life Motto: Life is to be Lived, Enjoyed and Experienced as an Adventure! Learn From Each Day! Give Back what you Get!