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About Me! 

I have enjoyed writing all my life and started writing novels in 2009. It became a passion of mine after I wrote an article on Outport Newfoundland for the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association which was so very well received that the cover for the magazine was centered around the small article I wrote for them.

My newest book is titled the Squatters and centers around the trials and tribulations of a family who live in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Very poor and living harshly tragedy happens and only Lara and Judas George are left to pick up the pieces of their broken lives. journey with them from the Smokies to Florida and back as they try and make lives for themselves. 

I published two other novels prior to the Squatters, my first was The Holiday Killers in 2011 and my second was the sequel titled Legacy of Evil in 2013.

I hope you enjoy all of my novels which are available at www.amazon.ca or at www.friesenpress.com and www.authorhouse.com You can also order at any bookstore for delivery of a hard copy of my novels.

 I enjoy living with my husband Mark in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada's most Eastern Province. After my career serving the public, I now enjoy writing, traveling, baking, walking and just enjoying life! I have learned to enjoy life to the fullest. You don't know when things may change. I write a Travel Blog with my Husband Mark which highlights the good and bad experiences that we have experienced in our travels.

Please feel free to contact me at my website www.mkstaple.ca and tell me about your experiences with travel and how you feel about my books!



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MK Staple lives in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada's most Eastern Province. She loves the ocean and loves to travel and seek out new places and ideas! She loves her freedom!





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